I have had direct tv for over two years.I have spent over 25 hours on the phone with them always try to fix their problems that pertain to there lack of good equipment and customer service.

everytime I tried to cancel the account they gave me $10. off my bill or a partial deduction on the package. I order the NFL package again this year and have had a problem with their HD DVR box for over a year. This box has been replaced over 6 times with refurbished and new boxes, always failing to work and spending hours on the phone with them.

They have a two week wait time to get your service repaired by an in-house technician and they don't want to re-imburse me for the NFL package that the HD box was hooked up for in my living room which is where I watch the games.

Well needless to say I finally I switched to Verizon Fios and it is great. In doing so even though my contract with Direct Tv is up, they charged my credit card for a extra month and $460.00 for early cancellation. This is the most un-reliable company I have ever delt with a I would like to gather as many people together to start a class action lawsuit as possible.

Please send your problems and thoughts to tenpenny22@aol.com.

Thanks Dave R.


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