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$39.99 /mo Ya, Right!!! During our recent relocation I saw an advertisement for Direct TV.

The ad was offering a, 1 year, discounted, PLUS DVR, bundle package for $39.99 a month. The discount was enough for me to give them a try, WHAT A MISTAKE!!. When setting up service the representative lets me know that the first bill will be a bit higher because of prorating and assures me that I would be receiving the $39.99 promotional rate. During this call I am informed on everything except that I need to go online to submit a rebate in order to receive this promotion.

My first bill is for $62.99, I call Direct TV and they assure me that I will see my credit on my next bill and still nothing about going on line for my credit. Next bill $62.99 again!! I call again, then and only then do they tell me that I needed to submit the rebate, which I had 60days to submit and now it was 62 days (I was out of luck). I then ask to speak to a supervisor; I am then transferred around to several more CS Reps until I reach Sean the Floor Supervisor.

He is very rude, belittling and interrupts me at any given chance. I am then informed, "There will be nothing changed on my bill and that there is anything I can do about it". That there was no reason for us to speak any further, nothing will be changed. He goes on to inform me that it is not their responsibility to inform their customers on information that they should already know.

How exactly was I to know this, it wasn't posted ANYWHERE on their advertisement, it wasn't disclosed by their representative when calling and questioned the bill, just to be expecting the credit. He was very clear that I signed a 24 mo. Agreement and would have to buy out my contract if I cancelled, my account was what it was and that they would not honor the advertised price.

Also, to let me know again that there was no reason to carry on our conversation. I regret ever leaving Dish network.

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