My boyfriend at the time got direct tv in August 2013. He needed a credit card to pay the $9.00 charge so he used mine, which was fine.

He specifically told the rep not to save the card to the account or on file and she said no I will not save the card on file, this is a one time charge. Today, my bank account was charged $131.00 by direct tv when my card wasn't supposed to be saved on file in the first place.

I have bills to pay and have this wrongful charge to deal with on top of that. I will take further action if not resolved.

Review about: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $131.

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Call your credit card and dispute the charges and if/when the money is returned to your account I recommend you change the number on your card or close the account to keep them from recharging your account.

Portland, Oregon, United States #723970

The debit or credit card that is placed on file can incur automatic bill pay if signed up for it, as well as early cancellation, final bill and or equipment non return fees. That's YOUR fault, not Directv's :grin

to Anonymous #724256

This is another Scam of DirectTV. They do this knowing this is not the customers card. Because DTV does this does not make it legal.

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