You have "renewed" NFL Ticket on my service and I don't want it--I had to use this because it's the only way to contact you that I've found today.

The # on my bill is for sales and new customers.

I already talked to someone there who gave me a # for Customer Service, but that's not it (also for new customers).

I cannot renew NFL Ticket as I've not had it before and don't want it now. I've aleady paid for he 1st month of 6 payments at $37.49, which needs to be refunded to me as well as cancelling the service.

I read that I can do this now without penalty up to Dec 8th.

Monetary Loss: $37.

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I would cancel by September before the season starts because after that you can't get the money back. Ask for the NFL department and they'll credit it back to you and take it off.

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the same thing happened to me and overdrafted my account by $90 I cannot stand the direct TV the customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with giving me the runaround days my contract is up they are out of here. :(

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