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I have had a direct TV Dish for over four years now,and how do they repay a loyal Customer! With nothing but a raise every six months of 15.00 or more and they suck the big one! I told them I take my dish out

shoot it full of holes! They only sucker in newbies and give them the world then shaft them! I told them I would not never ever refer another

sucker to them! Why the heck should when all I get is the shaft, all they

would offer me is to cut channels to save on the cost what the *** deal is that huh? SO I told them to put there dish where the sun doesnt shine anymore! I am as mad as *** and pissed off totally!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Directv Cons: Service.

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totally agree!! And now they’ve changed the format for shows recorded and can’t see it with binoculars and whoever designed the new remote control I would love just five minutes with them to use it to pound them into the next stratosphere!!!!!