Richardson, Texas
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I authorize the installation of a DIRECTV® System at the address referenced above. I understand that the DIRECTV System may need to be attached to the building, and the drilling of holes and running of cable are part of this installation. In no event shall either DIRECTV or the installer have any obligation to remove any part of the DIRECTV System, including all cabling, or accept any liability whatsoever for violation of my lease/rental agreement, if applicable. I also acknowledge the DIRECTV System has been installed to my satisfaction.

Your acceptance signature was captured on 08/13/2016

This in an email after a tech comes and replaces a hdmi cable, ONLY, from their dvr box to my tv set, attempting to remedy a reoccurring audio fail issue that not only reoccurred not one 1/2 hour after the tech left my home yesterday, but again today 10 minutes before I read their WORK ORDER DETAILS email I pasted here. Thing is, I never signed anything for an email to state my signature was captured. WhatTheHech?

Less than 1 month ago, I was told by one of their phone personas, Not to worry, every time you call in a technical issue, its as if your service starts over from day one.

Mind you I signed up for this *** man and woman service in May 2016, have called in issue after issue since then, have been visited now by 2 techs to no avail, same exact issues, it is now August.

That comment was made in reply to my asking whether I needed to worry about their charging me for premium channels, the 3 month trial period was near finished. Yet this month they pulled $224 from my bank account attempting to do just that: add premium channel charges to my already miserable account, channels I stated from day one, I did not want or need. My 2 year agreement was for $78 a month guaranteed.

Audio just stops mid movie or any other show, all day, every day and night, along with occasional loss of signal regardless of clear blue minimal clouds in the sky or raining, lightning and thunder. If you heard Dish was bad, do not believe DIRECTV® is any better or different somehow.

They are NOT any better than the horrors of Time Warner's high prices, in fact their 2 year agreement only allows them to attack whatever debit or credit card used to sign up, exactly when you decide to cancel services. Just expect to multiply your monthly service charge times whatever time is left on your 2 year agreement. Its one of the best hustles of all cable tv services I have dealt with.

I admonish anyone, everyone to stay away from DIRECTV. You will live to regret allowing them access to your life and bank funds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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