Monroe, Louisiana

the reason i got direct tv was for the sports here in mich. fsd is our only connection to our home teams youtake it away and your breaking your contract to us.we cannot follow the red wings, tigers or pistons lwt alone our hime colleges of michigan and michigan state.

because you put your profits first your going to lose more cusromers than it,s worth.sending us all tp dish tv direct tv isn.t thinking about yheir losses. their just being bull headed and tryung to get there way at our cost.they give us until nov 1st and that,s it

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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@Dukeman I signed in so you know who's spelling you were correcting... But if you liked SPEED I ask of you to please send some emails. You appear to have lots of time on your hands!


Auto correct changed asinine to assign

if you have problems with others maybe you should spend less time on the computer and more time doing something productive

Since I have 2 Published Books and Retired when I was 38 with a NY Times Bestseller Non Fiction ( Google "The Squawk Book". In Addition I have 2 Patented Products that have supported me over the last 20 years and that allow me to do what I want I believe I got my point across. I was expressing a POV not submitting a Dissertation... Excuse my Punctuation also but I have to go work on one of my two race cars now to be ready to run Saturday

What will you be doing ...watching for spelling errors? :eek


I totally agree I've been with direct well over a decade ...they really are much better than Dish ..... But I will have to be changing I have loss my favorite channel SPEED and now we're going to lose Fox Losing speed is not Directs fault losing Fox Sports local is....

Join me in sending an EM to Fox Network about them going to JUST another generic sports programming and dropping SPEED

it's hard to find how (they wouldn't make it easy wld they?) go to Fox Sports site search at bottom contact then u have a template use the EMAIL address and send to foxnetwork or even Fox News as opposed to Fox Sports Tell tham and SEND EM's to ALL of their ADVERTISERS telling them you'll no longer buy their product.... The Demographics prove that Racing Fans have more discretionary income than most other sports Especially the Hours of Soccer ... tell Summitt & Jeg's and Mothers so many others ... only way to get to FOX about this assign move is to show how they are going to lose $$$$ that is all they understand.

We need a Channel devoted to Motorsports ...Period . they should already have an Idea as their ratings dropped HUGELY after the 1st week watch the racing you need to watch ..but do not support the advertisers and most INPORTANT TELL THEM BOT FOX & ADVERTISERS :(


Maybe this will give you a chance to watch the spelling channel.


What no words of wisdom now?