Boston, Massachusetts

I am a customer of Direct TV and we have been 99% pleased with the service provided by them. Several months ago FX channel posted something on their channel that they were in contract negotiations with Direct TV and there was a possibility that we may lose that channel in our lineup.

I was upset, because I watch several shows regularly on that channel. Turned out we never lost the channel. Everything OK. Then this past week another message appears on my channel 7 (Boston NBC) that they were in negotiations with Direct TV and we may lose ch 7 & 56 if agreement wasn't reached by Jan.


We are paying customers and this was part of our lineup and I watch MANY shows on ch. 7. This is sports season and new season for a lot of tv shows and I've missed several things so far. NOT HAPPY!

You can be sure that when my contract is up, I may be looking to go back to our previous cable provider. I can kick Direct TV to the curb just as well as they did that to me!! Since this threat has happened TWICE to us in the last couple of months (& carried out once) many MORE times might we face losing channels that we have in our lineup. I don't want to hang around and find out.

They have lost my trust and confidence. I REALLY AM PISSED!!!!!

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Firstly, Directv was the only pay TV company in 3 years to reach a negotiation agreement with Fox before the channels were pulled from the lineup. No other company accomplished a successful renegotiation without 7-30 days with those channels not available to their customers.

Secondly, no pay TV company, no matter how big or small, has NOT had to pull channels from their lineup due to 300% or higher rate increase demands.

Go ask your employer to give you a 300% raise, they will politely wish you luck in finding a new job.

It doesn't matter where you go if you switch companies, you will experience this again. Might as well stay with the one that will immediately request affiliate permission to provide the New York and Los Angeles feeds of the missing local networks (which may or may not get approved, but no other company even makes the effort to request that permission for you).

Sterling Smith

I think the consensus is that with partnering with AT&T, old faithful customers are helping to pay for the failure of U-Verse. How about we all cancel our service on Febuary 14, symbolic of the Valentines Day Massacre.

This will only succeed if we all (and anyone you know) bands together that we are sick and tired of their price increases and monopolizing attitude.

Schedule your disconnect for March 14, this way it will effect their 1st quarter dividends.

It will only work if we ALL place the disconnect order together, it's time too let DirecTV know we don't need them, they need us.

Together we speak with one voice, by ourselves we will continue to have NO VOICE!

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