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Have had service for yrs. Went from 87.00 a mnth to 171 with nothing added nor no movie channels just basic service.

After my job shutting down due to Harvey I decided enough was enough. I called to get a break down of bill and ask why I have a 346 bill when I have pd every single mnth. Was given all kinds of excuses. I ask for copy break down of bill.

Girl would not shut up and let me talk. Ask for a supervisor cuz shes telling me that I can only have 2 mnths. Multimillion dollar operation and you cant go back 6 mnths??? She finally patched me thru to supervisor and I stayed on hold once at 40 mins once at 32 mins..the they dropped my call..I stopped my service after yrs of being with them.

I wont be back.

But still want an explanation. I want the head of this dang companies atten!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Now you will go through another *** getting your account closed. They will not close it and send you another sky rocket bill.

You will spend hours on phone calls only to be told they can't help you. More hours on phone to resolve this bill and hopefully they will send you a box and final bill and you will be done. I highly suggest you video yourself giving the box of equipment to the post office clerk and save the receipt. Take a pic of the serial # on the shipping label and the equipment.

CYA and the best of luck to you. I don't think dtv will last much longer with this kind of practice.