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Personal Opinion: DIRECTV "Loyalty Department" (Dept) claims I am under contract. After reviewing a previous call to cancel due to poor customer service, the Dept identified that I agreed to a 12 month contact by accepting compensation for months without service.

I had agreed to a refund, free technical support, and a discount on future billing. This had not been a contractual agreement; it was an agreement (by me) to not cancel my account. I now find out (9 months later) that the Dept had "signed me up" for a 12 month contract under the terms that I agreed to [compensation]. In order to cancel my service I would owe $60.

I argued that I have been a customer for many years, 40 months on this current account, and that I paid over $100/mo; I was not going to sell my integrity for $60 in order to get out of a "contract." The phone call turned into a "Dept against me" challenge, and no matter what I clarified, the Dept treated me as if this was an argument they would not loose. I am very disappointed in DIRECTV. Not only will I cancel anyway, but I will NEVER do business with DIRECTV again. Shameful!

If I had legal proof, I would refer to this as FRAUDULENT; for now I will call it POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! BEWARE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I work in Directv, and to be honest, I am not happy with the comments I am hearing from a ton of customers I encounter everyday. The entire day, I sincerely apologize for all of the horrible experiences from where my customer had gone through with the service.

All I can feel right now is to feel sorry, because I know that I have limitations as a representative. I'm a customer, too.

I don't know where did I get the guts to tell you all this...regarding how I am utterly pissed off with the service like how most of my customers are feeling. I just want to provide my customers with the best service they can get from me.

I, too be honest, is feeling that Directv's service is way too ridiculous. I am planning to submit my resignation letter now after hearing that I represent a company who can't provide quality service.